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NEW  HANDGUNS                                                                        NEW  CONTINUED:
Hi Points, 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP                                                  Ruger, GP-100,6",Stainless,A.S.                 
Springfield,XD-S,.45 ACP,Blue                                                        Ruger, LCP-GL,w/ Green Viridian Laser
S&W,642,Airweight,.38Spl. +P,Pink Grip                                         Ruger,SR-22, .22 LR,3.5" Bbl., Black
EEA Witness,.45 ACP,4.5" Bbl.,Blue,w/Rail                                    Ruger, LCR,.38 Spl.+P,1.875" Bbl.w/Laser
Browning, 1911-22,.22LR,4.25" Bbl.Blue
Springfield,XD-S,.45 ACP,Stainless                                                 USED  HANDGUN
Ruger SR9C,SR40C, Stainless                                                       Taurus Mod. 85, Stainless, 2", .38 Spl.
Beretta, Mod. U-22, Neos,.22 LR                                                    Taurus, Judge,3" Bbl.,3" Chamber, Blue
Ruger SR40C, Blue
Ruger Single 6, 5.5", Blue,22/22mag                                                         
FNS-40,Poly Frame w/Rail,High Cap,40 S&W                                  Taurus Mod. 80 .38 Spl., 4'', Blue 6 Shot,Revolver       Ruger Blackhawk,.357, Blue,6.5"                                                   
Ruger LCP                                                                    
KELTEC  .380 ACP                                                                       
Ruger Superblackhawk,.44 mag,SS,5.5"                                                                 
Taurus Mod. 94, SS, .22LR,4" Barrel                
Ruger GP-100,Stainless,4.2"A.S.                                       
CZ 85B  9MM  4.5''  Bbl.                                                            
Taurus .38 Spl. 2.5" Stainless
Taurus,Mod 941,Blue,8shot,22 Mag      
Taurus,.38 SPL. 1.875" , Blue
Ruger 22/45 5.5" Blue, Bull Bbl.  
Charter Arms, Mag Pug,.357 Mag, Blue, 5 Shot                                                                                  
Ruger Blackhawk,357mag,4.62" Bbl,SS                                                            
Ruger LC9
Remington,1911,45 acp,5", SS
Glock, Mod 22C, .40 S&W, Compensated
Ruger,22/45,Std. Mod,4.5" Bbl,Blue
Taurus,PT 24/7 G2,Poly/SS,40S&W,HiCap
Taurus,PT22,22LR,SS,Rosewood, 8+1
S&W, Mod.686-6,3",Stainless,Rosewood, Talo          
S&W, Mod. 629, 6", Stainless,Talo
S&W, Mod 686-6, 5", Stainless,.357 Mag
S&W,Pro 60,Mod 637-2,2",Stainless, .38 Spl.
Beretta, PX4,9mm and .40 S&W
Iver Johnson,Thrasher, 1911,Stainless,9mm
Glock, Mod. 22, 40 S&W
Glock, Mod. 19, 9mm
Walther, 1911,Blue, 22 LR
                                              LONG GUNS
          Tri Star,Hunter, Lite, 20 Ga. O/U
          Henry Golden Boy, 22 LR
          Ruger Mod 77, Target,.204 Ruger, Stainless, Grey Laminate
          H&R Pardner, .410 Single Shot
          Yankee Hills, AR-15, .223 Remington, various barrel lenghts, weights, and
          forearm configurations.   (OUT OF STOCK BACKORDERS COMING)  
          Browning BPS, 3.5", 12 GA, 26" Mossy Oak, Dura Touch        
          Mossberg 550, Deer/Turkey/Waterfowl Combo,12 Ga., 3.5", Camo
          Browning BPS,12Ga,3",Blue, Walnut 28" VR  
          Puma,Mod. 92, Octagon Barrel, Blue, Walnut Stock, .44 Mag. 20''        
          Browning Silver,Rifled Bbl., Cantilever Mount,New Mossy Oak, Dura Touch
          Ruger 10/22
          Ruger, 77/44,.44 Mag, Stainless,Synthetic
          Browning ,BPS,20 Ga. 3", Blue, Walnut Stock,28"
          CZ, 550 American, .22-250, Walnut
          Crickett, Pink Synthetic
          Tri-Star, Raptor,12 Ga, Semiauto,28",VR,Synthetic
          Savage MKll,22LR,Blue,Synthetic,Bolt action
          Remington 870,Youth,16 Ga., Synthetic
          Remington, 700,SPS, Syn. Stock,Heavy Bbl.,.22-250
          Savage Cub, .22 LR, Youth, Ghost Ring Rear Sight,Single Shot, Accu Trigger
          CZ,452,Bolt Action,22LR,Single shot,or clip,Blue, Walnut
          Browning T-Bolt, Walnut, .22 LR
          Browning Maxus,12 ga.,3",MODB,Synthetic
          Remington,870 Express,20Ga,21" Bbl,VR,Synthetic
          Henry, Golden Boy, 22 LR
          Mossberg,Mod. 505,410,Youth
          Ruger American,.22LR,Compact,Black, Synthetic


          Multiple Mossbergs, 12 & 20 Ga, 18.5",26",28" VR, Synthetic Excellent cond.
          Remington, 870 Supermag, Camo 24" VR
          Remington 700 BLD,6mm Rem,Heavy Bbl.,Walnut
          Glenfield Mod 60,22 LR x 2
          Savage Mod 99,300 Savage
          Remington 700 BDL,.222 Rem,Std. Bbl.
          Everbest,20 Ga., Single shot, 28" Bbl.
          Stevens,Mod 67, 12 Ga., 28"                                          
          Marlin, 1894, 12 Ga., 30" Bbl.
                                                                                                                                       Choke Tube Installation     

Since 1973, our family has served the needs of our local hunters and shooters.